Building a performance culture

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Company culture is king and queen. It rules, but is your company culture in line the direction you want to head as a business?
The high performing team culture is infectious. Energy is bounced from one high performing team member to the next building speed, momentum and ultimately results.
The question is, how do we cultivate this performance culture in the modern work place?


Your people want to work hard, they want to do their best, they want to achieve lasting results but how do we create the environment to enable this?
It about sustainability. It starts and ends with health.
In search of an ever improving high performance culture you will ask a lot of your people and they will need the physical and mental fitness to rise to the challenge.

Just like a  formula one car wouldn’t run well on Unleaded 95, nor can you team perform at their best when running off fumes.

As a business, you cannot afford to run your staff into the ground.
It is estimated that the economic cost of absenteeism in 2020 will exceed £21bn and by 2030 a staggering £26bn.
With two leading causes being struggles with mental wellbeing and physical (musculoskeletal pain).
  • THE LONG TAIL:Proactive VS Reactive Approach Encouaged.
  • Culture:A high performance culture yes but not at the cost of your most valuable assets
  • Sustainability:The key to sustainable high performance is the people and their health.
  • Back2Business:This is what we help you to create.
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