Our osteopaths don’t just treat backs - although when they do, they’re very good at it!

At Back2business, we have a team of registered Osteopaths ready to provide solutions to cover a large spectrum of services, ensuring total employee health and wellness.
Our osteopaths keep your employees healthy, happy and pain free by providing a variety of techniques and services:


In-house pop-up clinic : You provide the space, we do the rest. At Back2business we pride ourselves on the delivery of simple, effective and efficient services from start to finish. The assembling and dismantling of our therapy rooms is no exception, and can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

Appointment time: 30 minutes

Virtual online consultation : Not in the office? Not a problem. Back2buiness’ Telehealth software, provides a highly-secure, multi-device platform, that allows our team of osteopaths to communicate with your employees from wherever they are in the world.

A Fingertip service : Back2business has its very own online booking system available through a web-link available 24/7. Employees simply select the service required from our landing page, and create an appointment by electing one of the vacant appointment slots.

Educational events : Prevention is better than cure.

At Back2business we aim to educate your employees on how workstation set-up can affect posture and lead to discomfort or injury. We outline how simple changes can make the difference between good and bad posture, and show your employees how to apply practical changes.

Please see upcoming events for more information

Would you like to increase your companies productivity in a challenging time?

Education First

The osteopaths on our team are insured, and registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). With years of experience – and at least four of professional study – they’re able to identify problem areas through the taking of a case history and full body assessment.
Your employee will be provided with a diagnosis, and an understanding of contributing factors associated with the of onset of symptoms. We strongly believe that patient eduction is a key element in helping to keep symptoms at bay – for good.

Follow On With Care

Our osteopaths also like to go that little bit further… At Back2business we pride ourselves in offering your employees the latest technologies to help achieve their outcomes.
Our therapists create tailored rehab programmes through our state of the art, exercises prescription app.
This added benefit allows your employees to complete their exercise programme by following crystal-clear, narrated exercise videos in the comfort of their own home – minimising the time spent away from their desk whilst at work.

Hands on Approach

Osteopathic treatment to alleviate aches and pains through hands-on therapeutic modalities such as joint manipulations, targeted soft tissue massage, stretches and acupuncture to enable long-term recovery.
Hands on treatment is a relaxing experience which will help your staff to wind down in between meetings, take a much needed break to clear their head and relieve their tensions ready to perform for the day to come.

Thorough Assessment

Comprehensive ergonomic assessments to prevent injury and enhance productivity by ensuring that your employees are using optimal working postures. This is achieved through correct workspace setup, posture education and individualised injury prevention programmes.
* Ergonomic consultations
* Company health profiling
* Office/desk set-up analysis
* Occupational Health and Safety consultation
* Injury prevention seminars
* Manual handling and risk mitigation training
* Health and safety marketing and design
* Monthly B2b newsletter