Solutions to ensure total employee health and wellness

At Back2business, we have a team of registered Physiotherapists physiotherapist don’t simply treat sporting ailments – we provide a full package including comprehensive ergonomic assessments to prevent injury and enhance productivity by ensuring that your employees are using optimal working postures.
This is achieved through correct workspace setup, posture education and individualised injury prevention programmes.
corporate wellness package physio

At Back2business we pride ourselves in offering your employees the latest technologies to help achieve their outcomes.

Our physiotherapist create tailored rehab programmes through our state of the art, exercises prescription app.

This added benefit allows your employees to complete their exercise programme by following crystal-clear, narrated exercise videos in the comfort of their own home.

* Ergonomic consultations
* Company health profiling
* Office/desk set-up analysis
* Occupational Health and Safety consultation
* Injury prevention seminars
* Manual handling and risk mitigation trainin
* Health and safety marketing and design
* Monthly B2b newsletter